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About this organisation

At Welnis we believe the future of the built environment is about intrinsically linking science, healthcare, technology and wellness with architecture and interior design to ultimately bring about ever improving levels of human sustainability. We spend over 90% of our time indoors and there is an ever increasing understanding of the importance that our interiors play in our overall health and wellbeing. With so much time spent inside it is vital that the spaces we inhabit every day are programmed for human health.

Why we support the vision

Green spaces and biophilia in general have been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve overall human wellbeing. At Welnis we are focused on changing the environments we live, work and stay in to better support not only environmental sustainability but importantly human sustainability. The 202020 vision to our mind supports this very ethos and is a fantastic way of highlighting the need for more green spaces that support sustainability in general.