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About this organisation

Essential Environmental are a niche environmental consultancy that specialise in urban water management, environmental impact assessment, environmental planning, natural resource management and policy development. We have a fresh approach that is focussed on generating outcomes that are practical, innovative and carefully tailored to the goals of our clients. With Essential Environmental, every proposal is considered carefully to ensure that the identified tasks are sufficient and able to meet regulatory needs, and also deliver the outcomes desired by the client. Essential Environmental is a WALGA preferred supplier on the Environmental consulting and sustainability services panel.

Why we support the vision

Essential Environmental supports the 202020 Vision as we recognise the need to provide sustainable green space to achieve multiple environmental and social outcomes for community (mental health, recreation, cultural significance, countering the urban heat island effect) and ecosystems (providing habitat/sustaining biodiversity, as part of the hydrological cycle/improving water quality, and maintaining air quality).