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About this organisation

Dendromania is from the ancient Greek word Dendron meaning tree. Combine this with mania, or excessive enthusiasm and you get the idea! Dendromania is the online marketplace where people connect to buy and sell trees and tree related products. We want to promote our wonderful independent nurseries. Our aim is to promote the value of trees in all landscapes whether it be suburban gardens, streetscapes, landscape projects or production plantings, thereby publicising the positive nature of tree growing in an attempt to attract younger people to pursue tree based careers. At the end of the day our goal is to restore a national enthusiasm of tree growing and make buying trees easier and more pleasurable for consumers, so degraded landscapes are restored and amenity replenished. So shop, support your local nursery owners and lets get growing!

Why we support the vision

As cities get bigger and the ability to acquire the Australian dream of the ¼ acre block becomes more distant, the ability to have gardens is becoming increasingly difficult. We all want our outdoor entertaining areas but these areas are generally hard areas, which make our gardens, suburbs and cities hotter (Urban Heat Island effect). We want to work with and inspire developers and councils to promote greater areas of soft landscaping.