New WAter Ways



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About this organisation

New WAter Ways is a capacity building program that aims to raise the level of skills, knowledge and practice among government and industry urban water sector practitioners. Through training sessions, workshops, informative newsletters, demonstration site visits, networking evenings and a go-to website filled with resources and links to work being done locally and further afield, New WAter Ways disseminates information for all levels of understanding and practice.

Why we support the vision

The focus of New WAter Ways is total cycle water management and water sensitive urban design and helping practitioners deliver best practice at all levels of urban water management. It has become increasingly clear that the path needs many players and a concerted effort for optimal outcomes to be achieved. New WAter Ways is currently made up of five government and industry partners and this has been extremely beneficial in disseminating the information and knowledge gained within each organisation. 202020 Vision is an organisation with a view to a greener, cooler and more water sensitive future - a vision New WAter Ways shares. By supporting each other and collaborating information and effort, we believe there is greater gains to be had.