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About this organisation

Preston Rowe Paterson has been operating for over 28 years and is an established firm of property valuers, analysts, advisers and consultants who operate out of 23 offices across metropolitan and regional Australia and has 5 offices in New Zealand.

We look after all types of property valuation; investment; development; asset, plant and machinery; corporate real estate, mortgage, government, insurance, occupancy, sustainability and research.

We aim to provide superior property advisory services specialising in valuation, property and asset management, facilities management, transaction management, consulting and property market and economic research. We back this up with our industry leading in-house developed, client connectivity system ‘PRPOnline’ and Yardi Voyager as the primary platform of our asset, property and facilities management division.

Whether in the context of:

  • The types of clients we represent,
  • The property classifications we deal with,
  • The locations we cover; or
  • The reasons clients use us:-

“We have property covered”

Why we support the vision

Preston Rowe Paterson believes that having more urban green spaces is beneficial for businesses, property value and communities. As we specialise in the property industry, we completely support this initiative and believe more green space not only makes good business sense, it also improves health and productivity, keeps our cities cool, reduces pollution as well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our cities.