Therapeutic Gardens Australia



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About this organisation

We specialise in the creation, installation and maintenance of therapeutic gardens that are best suited to individuals with disabilities and during times of illness. We combine the expertise of landscape architects, designers, landscapers, horticulturalists and therapists to deliver a holistic environment that assists in healing and ongoing care. It’s not just about designing and building the gardens. It’s also about getting people out amongst them, despite mobility or mental health issues.

Why we support the vision

TG Therapeutic Gardens has a particular focus on health related infrastructure of our cities, e.g. hospitals, aged care facilities etc. We believe in the importance of green spaces for phyical and mental health benefits and work directly with clients on the design and installation of therapeutic gardens. We believe that the 202020 Vision will benefit society as a whole and may also help with our aim of raising awareness of the importance of green spaces for general well being and healing.