Ku-ring-gai Council



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About this organisation

On Sydney’s leafy North Shore, Ku-ring-gai is known for its unique natural and urban environments. Bound by three national parks – Garigal National Park, Lane Cove National Park and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Preserving and enhancing our unique environment for our community and for future generations is a priority for us, as it is for many Ku-ring-gai residents and organisations. 

Why we support the vision

Ku-ring-gai Council supports the 202020 Vision in; becoming part of a growing community of businesses and government organisations looking to green our cities; raising awareness of the need for green space in cities, and the benefits they provide to community health, economy and the environment; gaining access to best practice tools and research including information on setting policies and introducing initiatives to increase green space; and opportunities to have projects and initiatives profiled in national and local media.