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About this organisation

Connecting children to nature in urban Melbourne through gardening & garden design, educational incursions/excursions, children's parties to promote wellbeing & sustainability.

I have designed sensory gardens for Disability Services, Schools and kindergartens and designed, planted and maintained many gardens in eastern Melbourne for Kew Nursery and other small landscape/nursery businesses. I am now branching out on my own with an aim to engage the client and teach them about their own green space - site conditions,  special features, wildlife, and how to care for it so it thrives (composting and mulching systems, watering techniques, pruning and planting techniques). That way they are confident gardeners and will be engaged with their garden and feel a stronger sense of belonging and the importance of sustainability.

Why we support the vision

We need more green space to counter the heat island effect, reduce runoff and pollution into our very special Port Phillip Bay (Nairm), encourage wildlife return through habitat building and biodiversity, create more oxygen and shade and windbreaks. As humans, we need to connect more to nature in our everyday lives for spiritual, mental and physical health.