Environmental Industries



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About this organisation

For four decades, Environmental Industries has been responsible for major landscape installations and maintenance associated with prestigious and significant developments. This wealth of experience has led to the company being entrusted with works, which not only transform development sites into visually stunning quality environments but also adding significant value to real estate holdings.

Why we support the vision

Environmental Industries support the 202020 Vision as we are in the business of creating spaces for the whole community to enjoy. We have constructed many public open spaces with vast tree planting, planted garden beds and turfed areas. We have seen first hand the positive impact that a 'green area' can have on a community. Communities have literally been transformed overnight following the completion of some of our projects. Not only do trees and plants cool our cities and reduce pollution, it also encourages people to get outdoors and active. We have constructed parks with large grassed areas which promotes sports and activity. We have also planted trees in these parks to create shade for the people to enjoy the outdoors in our West Australian climate.