Paragon Gardens



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About this organisation

Paragon Gardens are Turf Producers in Townsville, North Queensland. We specialise in Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo, Empire Zoysia, NQ Buffalo (carpet grass) and Couch. With a background in landscaping and good local knowledge, we feel that we can help our region grow. Members of Turf Australia, Turf Queensland, HIA.

Why we support the vision

Paragon Gardens are proud to grow turf, a living product with a myriad of environmental and health benefits. Our guiding values are nature, passion, knowledge, encourage and authentic. As a family business, but ultimately as gardeners at heart and the parent to three amazing boys, we love being outside. We see education, best practice and collaboration as prerequisites that will sustain our industries and outdoor lifestyles into the future. The 202020 Vision aligns perfectly with all that we believe and we are thrilled to be involved.