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About this organisation

Renworx Pty Ltd provides solutions that meet the demand for high-use natural sports turf surfaces. Renworx is determined to sustain the use of natural turf as the primary playing surface for the majority of the sports played in Australia. Renworx has researched and adopted ways to meet the demand for healthier environments and a greener footprint. We use a range of cutting-edge sports turf and agricultural innovations and technologies that assist our clients in reducing their inputs naturaly to ultimately improve their environmental footprint.

Why we support the vision

Our vision as a business is focused on the promotion and innovation of the NATURAL sports turf industry. Our partnerships with national sporting codes further ensures that we sustain the use of natural surfaces. We are determined to advise and prove to all sporting codes thinking about a switch to a synthetic option, that Natural turf fields are an economical, safe, and high use option. Our use of innovative technologies is set to revolutionise the sports turf industry and promote ways of sustainably managing sports turf, for a greener future.