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About this organisation

Revell Landscaping - Creating your world ......outside. Our team of qualified and experience Designers, landscapers and construction specialists is the reason our customers choose Revell for their outdoor projects. Since 1999 Revell landscaping has provided the highest standards and innovations in landscape design and construction . Focused on providing a highly consultative approach we work closely with our clients to reflect their personality and requirements whilst considering the property's location and architecture and the need for more green space in our day to day lives.

Why we support the vision

The reason our organization supports the 202020 Vision is because over the past 18 years in business I have seen a decline in the nature and quality of our public open spaces . In particular the green component of our public spaces and communities seems to be getting cut smaller and smaller every year and the focus seems to be always on buildings and hardscapes . Quite often at the end of the building process in development their is little or no budget left for green space. With our knowledge of the benefits of green space on our lives, our well being and indeed our planet I am committed with my support to 202020 Vision.