Plantscapes Brisbane



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About this organisation

From rare and trending house plants to statement greenery, Plantscapes Brisbane has the right indoor plants for your home.

Believing in the power of house plants to create healthy, whole-hearted homes, Plantscapes Brisbane can turn black-thumbs into green-thumbs with low maintenance species that are easy to care for.

Andrea from Plantscapes Brisbane lovingly propagates and tends each plant in her greenhouse and sunny studio, using her love of nature and expertise in horticulture and environmental science.

Why we support the vision

The 202020 Vision supports the Plantscapes Brisbane ethos of filling your life with plants to improve air health and wellbeing and create a
beautiful life.

We share the 202020 Vision of empowering everyone to own and care for plants, and believe this campaign will help give people the confidence to  grow indoor plants again, with a little help and the right plant choice.