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About this organisation

At Dator we ensure every project we build focuses on 3 main foundations:

Growing stronger, tight-knit inter-generational communities
Providing sustainable, "future ready" affordable housing solutions
Environmentally focused design and construction principles.

Having a high ratio of activated green space within a development draws people out of their abodes and encourages them to interact. Encouraging the residents that buy into our developments to grow tight-knit communities is extremely important to us.
Community gardens, fruit bearing trees, activated green space and community composting are integral parts of the current project we a developing at the moment in WA called "Sustain."
Sustain is a 1.1ha site located 27km south east of the Perth CBD that will provide 40 dwellings across a broad range of living topographies.

Creating inter-generational change built on integrity, honesty and the willingness to GIVE. Vision – Innovation – Building sustainable living communities by implementing new technologies and ways of thinking. People – Building a collective of people who share a willingness to give of themselves for the betterment of all concerned.

Why we support the vision

The "business as usual" model of urban development is/has killed off environment, community and mental health. Change is mandatory if we are to survive and thrive in our country and on this planet. Greening our communities is a vital link in the chain to providing a sustainable living environment for our future.