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About this organisation

Botanica started in 1994 with two Directors and at present employs 70 regular and 20 casual staff. We have a dedicated sales team that are able to fulfill your plant requirements including sourcing stock where needed and arrange delivery to site on time - every time. Our production management staff have extensive experience in contract growing for major projects, ensuring that plants supplied meet specifications and deadlines.

Why we support the vision

As a society we have long known the potential benefits to our health, work places, communities and environment of greening our cities and suburbs. Professor E.O Wilson authored “Biophilia” and “The Future of Life” in which he outlined in detail how our children’s future potential health and well-being are contingent upon our re-connecting to Nature and how creating islands of green belt environments can assist in this process. The 202020 Vision provides us with a goal and structure to now put this into place along with a means of communicating with one another our part in the whole project to which we each contribute.