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About this organisation

Wanda’s Gardening & Landscaping is a local, community minded gardening company. More than just a weed and mow, we dedicate ourselves to improving every garden we step into. As a family run, local business, we would rather build a community than a faceless company!

Why we support the vision

With so much new development in Perth and the surrounding suburban areas, it is imperative that we try to replant when and where we can. Housing developments are spreading and are taking the natural bush and native habitat with them. We want to encourage clients, friends and colleagues alike that it is very important to re-green the planet starting in our own backyards. Gardens provide personal, psychological, and physical benefits to all who enter them so on an individual level it is great for the soul. But equally, if not more importantly, we live in a unique biodiversity hotspot and with smart plant selection we can include endemic plants to support our local flora and fauna.