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About this organisation

We work with individuals and communities to find strategies that will work for them. We apply our knowledge of natural, rural and urban ecosystems to solve problems. We use landscape architecture, mapping and whole systems thinking to make plans for the future. We share and communicate our ideas in all sorts of ways.

Special interests include urban agriculture, peri-urban farming and planting design using locally-based plant material and native soils. We are particularly interested in finding ways for rural towns and villages to increase green infrastructure and assist with their adaptation to climate change when they often have fewer resources than the cities. Getting trees to grow in built up areas in an ongoing challenge!

Roogulli Farm is a small farm near Canberra where we develop and trial techniques for small scale, cool climate food production for cities. Ideas come from a range of sources including landscape architecture, permaculture design, organic gardening/farming, traditional agronomy, Landcare and sustainable landscape design based on the SITES framework developed in USA. We run open days and other tours to share our experience. The project has received multiple national design awards.

Why we support the vision

It is such a good idea to combine and share knowledge. The various design professions and land managers hold different pieces of the puzzle and this looks like a good opportunity to put them together.