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About this organisation

Atom Earth provide a unique service utilising Portable XRF instruments to provide accurate, cost effective and timely soil and tissue analysis. Understanding the composition of your soil and how it translates to your plants can provide great benefits;

* Identifying nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
* Maximising growth and yields under particular conditions
* Saving money by only buying inputs that will provide benefits
* Reducing fertiliser leaching into groundwater and waterways
* Identifying harmful toxins that can be taken up by your plants

Whilst there are basic soil test kits available at retail outlets and online they provide limited information and rarely offer meaningful solutions. Traditional lab testing on the other hand can be expensive, time consuming and to the uninitiated poses the question..."WHAT TESTS DO I ASK FOR?" Lab results can be also be confusing and lead to more questions than solutions. Atom Earth offer a different approach. With the latest in non-destructive, environmentally friendly testing technology, our qualified technicians can provide a comprehensive analysis and site specific management plans to optimise healthy, sustainable growth. Whether at a commercial scale or an everyday gardener, our services are accessible and affordable.

Why we support the vision

At Atom Earth we are acutely aware about the depletion of our non-renewable resources. We believe it will take a big shift in thinking by all to sustain our planet and that communicating ideas which inspire and innovate will improve our prospects. 202020 Vision provides a wonderful platform for collaboration across industries with similar goals .