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About this organisation

Trusted by municipalities and government corporations worldwide, our solar powered products can be easily expanded to power other ‘Off-Grid' devices and equipment including LED Lighting, CCTV, Phone Charging and other types of Environmental Monitoring devices that eliminates the need for expensive mains power installations.

Why we support the vision

Leadsun Australia was established in 2010, from this time we have been providing Solar Solutions that assist Communities in improving their outdoor urban areas providing solar power for: LED Lighting, USB Phone Charging Points, powering bicycle counters and bollard lights for pathways. Even our installation methods are green friendly as we give our customers the options to use a concrete less footing system to ensure tree roots are not damaged by pouring a traditional concrete footing. By lighting up these outdoor areas we make them safer for the public to visit which in turn is aligned with the 202020 Vision of making people healthier, happier and more productive.