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About this organisation

At Gary Winter Landscape Design, our philosophy is steeped in the belief that maintaining a bond with nature is critical to a healthy way of life.
We aspire to design gardens that are not only beautiful, but also enhance people’s lives by allowing them to reconnect with people, animals and the environment.

Gary’s attitude to life and work emphasises the simple things in life, such as nature, wildlife, healthy food and environments, good people and positive experiences. This is very much reflected in the type of landscape designs he creates for his clients.

Why we support the vision

It is my observation that as a society we are becoming increasingly at risk of unhealthy environments due to heavily constructed areas, lack of clean air and unhealthy foods. By reducing construction, planting more trees & vegetation we improve air quality, create an opportunity to grow our own food for greater health and create a more harmonious place on earth for all concerned. Here at Gary Winter Landscape Design we believe in creating landscapes and environments that have soul, purpose, and inspiration. We do this by assisting in realigning and reconnecting people and animals with each other and nature, and in so doing provide healthy and economical lifestyle benefits.