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About this organisation

Bamboo World was established in the mid-1990’s by Victor Cusack who was passionate about bamboo and started a private collection. Victor travelled extensively throughout Asia and imported hundreds of bamboo plants into Australia. His passion and collection quickly moved from a hobby into a business, supplying collectors and garden enthusiasts throughout Australia. In the late 1990’s Victor had a large input into the establishment and introduction of commercial bamboo plantation for the production of edible shoots and timber. He was an expert in the field of Bamboo and went on to write the book “Bamboo Rediscovered”. Today we have grown to become Australia’s top supplier of quality non-invasive clumping bamboo to garden centres, retain nurseries, landscapers and the general public.

Why we support the vision

Plants and trees are an important part of our physical and mental well being. They keep our cities cool and help to reduce pollution. Plants make us healthier, happier and allow everyone from young to old feel connected to mother earth. Bringing more of this green vision to Australia is a very positive step in the right direction.