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About this organisation

IndigiGrow is a social enterprise of First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation located within La Perouse Public School. Blak Markets and the National Indigenous Art Fair are also social enterprises of First Hand Solutions. IndigiGrow grows and promotes the cultural uses of bush and medicinal plants and is a champion for Sydney's critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS), growing the plants of the ESBS ecological system.

Why we support the vision

IndigiGrow supports the increased greening of our towns and cities to re-connect indigenous Australians with the plants of their culture and to connect all Australians to the plants that we all hold dearly and have cultural ties to. Greener cities are beneficial for cleaner air, shade, shelter and habitat that we as humans in the environment need for our physical and mental health together with all the Aussie plants, animals and fungi that need greener cities to survive.