The Greenway Project

By City of Greater Geelong

  • The Greenway Project

    The Greenway Project

About the project

The Greenway Project sets an ambitious five year plan to revegetate the 21km of the Ted Wilson Trail which runs alongside the Geelong Ring Road. Currently bereft of any vegetation, Council aims to plant over 40,000 trees and 20,000 indigenous shrubs to improve the environmental and social benefits of the site. Through an active partnership with various community, industry and commercial groups, Council aims to engage the community to help plant the trees.
By 2018, The Greenway will be an iconic green western boundary of Geelong providing beautiful, natural shade for pedestrians and cyclists whilst screening out the Ring Road from surrounding neighbourhoods. The Greenway will also provide habitat to wildlife, particularly birds and contribute to existing revegetation works along Geelong’s waterways where the path intersects.
The Greenway’s Focus is to:
1. Plant over 40,000 indigenous trees and 20,000 indigenous shrubs along the pathway over a five year period
2. Create a 21km natural urban forest in a part of Geelong that currently has low levels of vegetation cover
3. Increase pedestrian and cyclist activity along the trail
4. Engage the community and encourage volunteers to be involved
5. Improve biodiversity values along the trail, particularly along Geelong’s waterways
6. Create a space to showcase local artists through sculpture and installations
Through the development of local partnerships, Council plans to undertake an ambitious planting schedule each year until 2018 to achieve its goals. As a result, Council is seeking to build partnerships with local communities, businesses, suppliers and schools to ensure the Greenway becomes a truly Geelong owned and built public asset

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