Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project

By City of Sydney

  • Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project

    Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project

About the project

Stormwater harvesting and retention at Sydney Park
We know that without ample water supply, plants and trees cannot grow and flourish. So when it comes to irrigating one of Sydney’s largest and most popular parks, the design of new approaches to stormwater harvesting and retention is of critical importance.
A key component in the City of Sydney’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 Strategy, the project harvests 85- million litres of water from the Newtown catchment each year. The water is captured and returned as irrigated water to the park, but beyond its function the design has carefully invited visitors to connect to the water narrative of capture, movement and cleansing in an creative way.
The bioretention wetlands provide significant value to the park, as both an environmental & landscape resource. The design builds upon the existing water bodies; strengthening the connection between them, visually & functionally. Park users engage with processes of the water treatment system through a series of new pathways, nodes & open spaces that punctuate the wetlands at strategic locations.

The landscape is intrinsically linked with the new wetlands & teaches visitors how water is captured from the Munni Channel, cleansed & made good again for reuse. Strategically the wetlands have improved the landscape setting, environmental amenity, habitat value & provided opportunities for interactive play & education.