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    Josh's House

About the project

Residential property.
Located in Hilton on the outskirts of Perth the Fremantle suburb of Hilton in Western Australia the landscape design of Josh’s House brings to the fore leading ecological principles that demonstrate that the potential for plants and trees to dramatically increase liveability on an average suburban block.

Two dwellings are situated on the site, which has generous north-facing gardens. Grape vine clad pergolas offer shade and cooling, while native plantings are dotted throughout the street frontage andextent extend to the verge. There is also a ‘dampland’ habitat feature planted with local ‘winter-wet depression’ suited species, fed by rainfall runoff from the carport.

The rear garden of the front house, and the front garden of the rear house effectively function as a shared space, achieved by simply not installing a boundary fence. Features include a large productive garden (vegies, herbs and fruits), a propagation area, composting systems and access to the hen house for collecting eggs. The elements in this space have been set out so that if a boundary fence is installed at a later date, then each property still has access to their own respective veggie beds and garden shed and composting facilities.

A 25m fruit tree system runs along the northern face of the southern boundary fence line, and is planted with a combination low chill stone fruit, apple and pear varieties. Larger fruit trees including citrus, fig, mulberry and avocado are incorporated into mixed edible landscapes around the houses.

Spaces have also been set aside for creative children’s play, outdoor cooking and entertaining, as well as private courtyards by the master bedrooms.

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