Key Project:

Citizen Mapping

Put it on the map.

  • progress:

Scheduled for development in 2018


In each state, but for varying reasons, participants suggested using phones to record and pin drop data relating to plants and trees, suggesting that it would create benefits related specifically to capturing data but also inform a more positive narrative about trees. Citizen mapping refers to a platform or application that enables everyday people to map and share their local green space stories and experiences.


Develop a platform that connects images and texts to geo-tagging, like for example Google Maps. People can then take a picture with their phone, add words, sounds or video and upload this to a pin drop on a map that can be shared with others or browsed online. Online databases can further link people in communities who are interested in green space with their local council, enabling communities and councils to work together on public and private greening projects.


  • Has the potential to connect growers together to work with each other and their local councils to create more and better green space, whether in their own backyards or in the public realm.
  • Has the potential to inform council decisions about where green space is desired and who their most ardent supporters are.
  • Provides a range of examples and content to draw from as to how things can be done.
  • An example of ‘Citizen Science’ that may offer council arborists, horticulturalists, maintenance staff, or planners some key insights into trees people like and how they are growing.


"I have seen websites that show trees in locations with information about the tree, such as at the Salmon Ponds in Tasmania. This approach could be taken to the community. When we plant a tree or photograph it we have a connection to that tree. We all have memories of our favourite trees and moments captured in our mind of the protection from buttress roots, or the light filtering through branches to the leaves on the ground. Citizen mapping will provide us with a record of our trees and the technology to share the richness of these memories and images with others."

Julie Nimmo, Sutherland Shire Council, NSW.

"My feedback about the 202020 Vision solutions is that I think the citizen mapping concept is my favourite. However, I think it is wishful and negative thinking to propose the idea that public source funding for parks and open space can be cut by getting volunteers to do more of the maintenance work, as per Landcare projects, etc."

Anne Whittingham, Landscape Architect, NSW.


Mara Bun, Green Cross, QLD. Apanie Wood, SEQ Catchments, QLD. Julie Nimmo, Sutherland Shire Council, NSW. Matt Jorgensen, Adelaide City Council, SA. Robert Prince, NGIA, NSW. Jon Strachan, City of Fremantle, WA. Matthew Easto, tract Consultants, NSW. Lisa Kuiri, UQ, QLD. Lyndal Plant, UQ, QLD, Helen Favelle, Resident of Brisbane, QLD. Hannah Schwartz, 3000acres, VIC. Sam McGuiness