Supporting Solution:

Collaborative Composting

  • progress:

Commence development late 2017


Composting improves soil ecology, saves organic waste going to landfill, and reduces the associated costs paid by councils and businesses. What’s needed is a simple plug and play program that can bring together councils, businesses and residents to create an easy, low-cost composting system for green space projects.


Councils could work with businesses such as supermarkets, food markets, florists, and commercial food courts to introduce large-scale composting of organic food waste. Closed Loop, or similar, systems are located near food hubs, grocers, and supermarkets e.t.c., so there is a predictable supply of waste to compost. The organic compost produced is used by council groundskeepers to maintain soil and plant quality, and may also be sold or given to landscapers and residents. The costs associated with the logistics of the composting is offset by the savings made on fertiliser, as well as fees paid for waste removal, which are generally charged by volume. Compost put back into the ground may also be eligible for soil carbon sequestration offsets.


  • Waste collection costs business and council lots of money, redirecting and converting organic waste into compost will save costs associated with it going to landfill.
  • Creating organic compost will save money used to purchase synthetic fertilisers.


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