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There is no doubt whatsoever that design innovation is happening all over Australia. But sometimes the most brilliant, low-tech, low-cost and game-changing ideas can’t be found on the front cover of a glossy magazine, but in a pocket of a park or on top of a suburban roof.

But imagine if there was a place where you could not only become inspired by the possibilities, but also had the opportunity to dig a little deeper and find out how that solution came to pass. Many of our Tour participants are experts in these innovations and told us that they can only dream of such a thing.


An online resource that showcases best practice design solutions that improve existing, or produce more, urban green space. You simply upload them to the Directory and we will help you tell the world about it.


  • Demonstrates trans-disciplinary approaches to urban infrastructure.
  • Shows people how things can look.
  • Matches design problems with solutions.
  • Helps educate clients seeking design skills on what to ask for and look out for.
  • Provides technical and academic information.
  • Potential for webinars or short how-to’s from some of our favourite experts.


We improve functionality of our existing site so that current projects can be explored in more detail. In addition, we ask all contributors to the design section of the Tour to upload a picture or drawing of their favourite innovations.


"The Directory of Good Design will allow for professionals, politicians and community members to reimagine the ordinary spaces that we experience every day. Ordinary spaces are often overlooked and under-valued as they are a means to an end – we’re generally moving through them to get our destination. What I like about the idea of The Directory of Good Design is that ordinary spaces have the potential to become interesting spaces. These interesting spaces could in turn evoke an emotional response from the local community. Recognising the potential of ordinary spaces could generate some excitement, and this excitement stimulates peoples interest in the ordinary."

Daniel Crowle, University of Queensland, QLD.

"The Directory of Good Design would be so useful to us. We are currently developing a forum for developers and are struggling to find good examples of good design. We have our own awards and could possibly collaborate to have a 202020 Vision award as part of our built environment awards."

Millie Wells, Whitehorse City Council, VIC.


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