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Green to Gold Calculator

The business case for green space.

  • progress:

Sourcing partners and funding - scheduled to commence early 2018


A platform that enables developers, governments, landscape designers and residents to influence decisions made about how much green space will be included in an area based on the social, health and financial dividends it will pay over time. It does this by not only highlighting the benefits, but also outlining the opportunity cost of not putting in plants and trees.


The platform aggregates a range of data sets and uses predictive analytics to give the user an indication of what the financial, social and health dividends of trees and plants are over time based on the quantity, type, and location of the trees planted.


  • Helps make informed and evidence-based decisions about how many plants and trees should be included in new developments

  •  Makes the business case to Local and State Governments on how much money they can save.

  • Helps identify the pay-back-period for plants and trees.

  • Helps to determine how much maintenance funding is required.

  • Educates decision-makers on the true value of plants and trees.


CCAP Precinct (Precinx) Kinesis, Greening the West


"The Green to Gold calculator represents a very achievable opportunity to quantify the benefits of green space in a format that could integrate with existing planning and development tools, such as CCAP Precinct, which are already being utilised by public and private developers across Australia. Similar to the way these decision-makers assess how their developments impact the mobility, affordability and resource use of residents, this calculator will allow green space to become another key metric in objectively assessing how a development makes the city a better place."

Bruce Taper, Director, Kinesis.

"If long-term social, environmental and economic benefits are to be realised, tools like the Property Price Predictor and the Green to Gold Calculator need to raise community awareness of the potential rewards of urban greenery, encouraging developers to invest in retaining and planting trees and green spaces to meet elevated market expectations and demand."

Dr May Carter, MayC Consulting, WA.


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