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How to Create a Community Action Plan

Councils and communities working together.

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Launched in April 2017


With so many councils represented throughout the course of the Tour, we came to realise that each is faced with its own unique set of challenges, but learned that formalising ways to involve the community through a plan is a good idea. A Community Action Plan is commonly used by councils to engage with the community by providing them with opportunities to contribute to the design and implementation of council plans. Often Community Action Plans are presented as part of a council’s broader Urban Forest Strategy.


We leverage existing collaborations with councils such as the Gold Coast City Council to understand how their Community Action Plans work, and standardise these so that can be adopted more broadly.


  • Provides councils with very clear ways in which community groups and members can become involved with urban greening.
  • Inspires and enables community members to take action i.e. adopt-a-green space, set up a community garden, create a rooftop garden, plant their vegetables e.t.c.
  • Empowers residents to take on some of the maintenance of plants and trees in their local area.
  • Streamlines the provision of resources such as community tool libraries, grants etc.


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