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How to do a Green City Tour

Because seeing is believing

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Scheduled for 2018


Throughout the Tour, the idea of learning through experience and ‘seeing’ what the possibilities are was a recurring idea. Participants listed many examples of green space innovation, many of which were part of private rooftops or carefully hidden in other spaces that aren’t generally well known. The City of Sydney’s Green Wall program was also mentioned, showing that even if a green innovation is not easy to access day-to-day, it is still possible to fund ways to engage the community with it. So this idea is about how to find out about these little green gems in your area, and make it easy for people to go and visit them.


We work with our partners to identify and coordinate tours of inspiring urban green spaces.


  • Educates Landscape Architects, Designers and Architects as to what is possible.
  • Inspires decision-makers.
  • Rewards and improves the reputation of innovators.
  • Inspires more green space.


"Tours are a wonderful way of mobilising enthusiasm for innovative green infrastructure and beautiful landscapes. Giving people the chance to see and touch urban landscapes in the flesh is powerful. Once someone has seen what is possible, the conversation changes. Do it on the Roof runs Urban Landscape Tours in Melbourne. We’d be happy to contribute to the Vision by delivering tours."

Shelley Meagher, Do it on the Roof, Vic.


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