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How to Get People There

Because people only love it if they use it.

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Launched in May 2017


A resource to help inspire good design and place- making through ideas, examples and ways of incorporating tactical urbanism in interesting ways, i.e. incorporating exercise, Wi-Fi, seating or cooking into existing green space. 


We incorporate existing ideas gleaned throughout the Tour as the basis of a simple green space and tactical urbanism guide that councils and others can access to help make their green spaces loved.


  • Encourages new ways of imagining green space.
  • Activation means increased safety.
  • Encourages businesses and potentially more diverse funding schemes like Business Improvement Districts.
  • Public-led design, therefore more awareness, appreciation of and engagement with green space.
  • Health impacts for communities who feel more welcome to be outside. 


""How to Get People There” is the solution that excites me the most because I think it’s true that people only love [a green space] if they use it, so the reactivation of existing green spaces is key. Simply put, currently much green space lacks utility and this solution would help overcome that issue."

Anthony Kimpton, University of Queensland, QLD.

"I think that some professionals in the development industry are starting to get it with liveability becoming more widely accepted as a design principle, but community awareness is quite low, they need to be more engaged and informed about what the opportunities and benefits are of good quality green space."

Greg Ryan, Landcorp, WA.


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