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How to Green Your School Guide

An Urban Forest Plan for your School.

  • progress:

Launching mid 2017

Tour participants confirmed our suspicion that when plants and trees are incorporated into an institutional ‘plan’ from the get-go, the likelihood of getting roots into the soil is greatly increased. Time and again, the significance of education, primary through to tertiary, was underlined.


The Urban Forest Plan for your School is a collaborative effort between 202020 Vision and a school partner – like for example Nature Play or Cool Australia – to create a replicable plan for green space in schools that engages kids, teachers and more importantly, parents.


This solution builds on the success of Urban Forest Strategies operating at a council level, replicating key aspects on a smaller scale but within a similar institutional context.


  • May provide council with a means by which to better educate their communities, beginning with primary and high school aged children.
  • Has the potential to share some of the maintenance burden.
  • Creates more liveable and productive schools for students and staff.


Cool Australia, Natureplay


"Given Cool Australia’s regular engagement with more than 4,500 schools over the past six years, we welcome the opportunity to encourage council and schools to work together more effectively on creating excellent green space for schools. Both in the school grounds and in neighbouring areas. Kids really do better outside."

Jason Kimberley, Founder of Cool Australia, VIC.


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