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How to Share the Cost

An exploration of ways in which you create and pay for useful and beloved green spaces.

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Launching 2018

Councils can’t always afford to maintain and pay for the associated costs of public green space – but this needn’t prevent them from making it happen.

In fact, there are a range of proven ways to create, fund, manage and activate incredible green spaces that aren’t solely reliant on council funds.


An easy-to-access explanation and comparison of various funding and governance models that enables you to think more laterally about how you might be able to fund the development and ongoing maintenance of your green space.


A specific model of governance generally determines the ownership, responsibility, funding, maintenance obligations and authority associated with green space. Traditionally, most green space has been the sole responsibility of local council, but this needn’t be so.

This ‘how-to’ investigates a range of alternative governance models to learn from and experiment with, including those that:

  1. Use private investment to establish or to contribute to a green space.
  2. Enable community contributions of time/space/money to establish and maintain a public green space.
  3. Protect members of the public as well as investors from liability, damages, and other associated risks.


  • Provides those who are keen to try with an alternate mode of governance and precedent.
  • Inspires best practice and innovation.


"The benefit of a tactical approach is that it allows the rapid transformation of streets and public spaces, without the cost or the risk."

Lucinda Hartley, Co-Founder & CEO, CoDesign Studio, VIC.


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