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How to Speak Engineer

Because you're bound to meet one along the way.

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Launching mid 2017


When a presentation is made, often the most important person is not in the room. In fact, they’re probably down the end of the corridor in a small, dark office, or perhaps down a tunnel trying to make sure that the electricity is cabled and the water is piped. These people are called sub-surface engineers and they look after what is underground. Not surprisingly, they’re one of the decision-makers most likely to say ‘no!’ to trees and plants.

A short guide on how to talk to and overcome some of the common obstacles posed by engineers and roads departments when it comes to creating more green space, especially when it comes to high- density areas and street trees.


"We have such an engineered mentality to stormwater that considering anything else appears to be outside current city planning thought processes."

Stephen Packer, Environment Protection Authority, SA.


David Mathews, Protea ora, VIC. Marci Webster-Mannison, QLD. Clare Lombardi, City West Water, VIC. Lyndal Plant, UQ/Brisbane City Council, QLD. Celeste Young, Victoria University, VIC. Michael Smit, Rainwater Harvesting, VIC. Crosbie Lorimer , Clouston Associates, NSW.