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Living Memories

There's something magical about trees

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Scheduled for 2018


Living Memories would be private, civic, government and community programs to honour memories of everyday people, milestones, and achievements with plants and trees planted in a public space.


Living Memories is a collaborative effort between council and the community. If successful, this concept would help share some of the maintenance costs associated with preserving green space, as well as add a level of sentimentality.


  • Helps councils overcome some of the maintenance funding issues associated with public green space.
  • Helps shift community attitudes toward trees as a ‘nuisance’ by personalising them.
  • Creates a greater sense of ownership of streets and parks among residents.


"I think the Living Memories idea presents a great opportunity to engage with churches, which are increasingly engaging and making public statements about environmental and climate change issues. This could open the door to their associated communities/parishes, school systems and not to mention their extensive property holdings."

Suzanne Dunford, Office of Environment & Heritage, NSW.

"We live in a world plagued by consumerism; with many of us striving to find meaningful gifts for loved ones. What could be a better way to remember a special event or a loved one than by planting a tree? Living Memories connects our desire to honour the big moments in life with the need to green our cities – by creating a memory that really IS living. Trees For Life, a South Australian organisation, offer gifts of trees in South Australia and there would be similar organisations in other states which could collaborate to deliver Living Memories. Councils will also be key players to get on board."

Natasha Davis, Sustainable Focus, SA.


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