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The Property Price Predictor

A tool to quantify the long-term property value proposition of a ‘green leafy street’, even when the trees are still saplings.

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Sourcing partners and funding


Tour participants confirmed what we long-suspected was true – Australians are obsessed with real estate and property prices, and we all love the idea of living on a leafy green street. The Property Price Predictor would be a tool that can be used to predict the positive influence on the value of a property (house, building, shop, lease e.t.c.) based on the density (and quality of maintenance) of the plants, trees and green infrastructure that surround it. 


We work collaboratively with key stakeholders in the property marketing industry to bring together data such as real estate sales, prices and trends, and then draw correlations between this data and the existing data on streetscape urban tree canopy coverage. This information is presented in a way that assists councils, developers and sales agents to connect with the broader consumer trends that indicate that rather than a liability, streetscapes with well-maintained plants and trees can be seen as assets and one of the drivers of property value. Thereby changing council and developers’ perceptions, investment and marketing decisions.


  • Provides real business-case incentive for developers and councils to invest in plants, trees and green infrastructure surrounding commercial and residential spaces in the urban context in order to influence an increase in property value for their residents.
  • Gives people entering the real estate market an indication of where they could invest based on the value of a ‘green leafy street’ and surrounds: existing or planned by councils and developers.
  • Invites and encourages individual property owners and investors to join the council and developer’s greenscape commitments by investing in greening their own residential property. With information on what their ‘potential’ payback might be. Thereby further adding to the value of the streetscape and the property.


The LJ Hooker Liveability Real Estate, Liveability Real Estate Framework– the 17Things™, Secret Agent Report into Parklands & Property Value, Green Building Council Star Rating


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