What is it?

Increasingly, extreme weather events are challenging the way we plan for, maintain and restore green spaces. The urban heat island (UHI) effect and extreme flooding are two examples of severe weather events that put significant pressure on green infrastructure. Unfortunately, these incidences mean that some decision-makers become less inclined to create more green space and instead opt for lower-risk concrete solutions.   

To overcome this issue, we seek to explore the ways in which climate-related weather events are influencing planning, decision-making and design and share ways in which symptomatic effects of climate are being resolved. 

"The effects of urban heat island effect can be reduced by green spaces and vegetation, which can cool local environments and provide other aesthetic and environmental advantages." 

Helen Brown, Dianne Katscherian, May Carter, Jeff Spickett, "Cool communities: Urban trees, climate and health", 2013, Curtin University



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