What is it?

Many of the benefits of urban green spaces are associated with vegetation that is thriving, and not just surviving. Hot and dry conditions in Australian Cities mean that irrigation can often be costly and therefore a key deterrent to both new and existing urban greening initiatives.

Some successful initiatives have adopted an ecosystem services approach to green infrastructure and are finding natural solutions to irrigate green spaces by capturing rainwater and recycling it.

To overcome this issue, we seek to unearth best practice examples of species selection, how to irrigate green space in ways that are novel, cost effective and promote thriving vegetation.  

"Key priorities for current Councils include…water related issues, particularly the promotion of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and the reduction of irrigation needs on large open spaces” 

Sustainable Focus – Strategy and Facilitation, 2014, Adding Value through Green Infrastructure: Working effectively with Local Government. Report prepared for Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.



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